Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Catholic Church on Islam

As an opening post, I thought I would start by showing what Catholics think of Islam. I thank Jeff for sharing this note.

The Catholic Church "esteems" Muslims (means honors them and thinks they are worthy of praise.) Like us, Muslims believe in One God, Who is Merciful and All-Powerful. Like us, they acknowledge Him as Creator. Like us, they believe He speaks to men. Like us, they try to "submit" to whatever He says, even if they do not understand it. When they do that, they follow Abraham, who is the Father of Christians and Muslims both. Even though they do not understand that Jesus is God, they do revere Him as a Prophet. And they honor His Mother and acknowledge that she was ever a Virgin. Like us, they await the final judgment day. And, like us, they try to live the moral life, practicing prayer, fasting and giving alms.

Then the Council says, we have had conflict in the past, with guilt on both sides, but we should forget the past and work together for peace and freedom and the betterment of mankind.

This is the highest and most authoritative statement about Islam from the Catholic Church until this day.


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