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The Rainbow is Here

I would first of all like to thank Jeff who has agreed to give us insight on Christianity and help us overcome the gap between the two religions.

The creation of this blog is a result of many discussions between myself, Arabian Princess, Sama Oman, and Jeff.

It is a blog of learning and understanding between Islam and Christianity.

We will try and concentrate on what puts us together, and NOT what drives apart.

This blog will have deep religious discussions, but at the same time will maintain a high level of decency between members.

We invite as many people as possible to participate.

Keep in mind that no insults or mockery will be entertained, so we will be free to delete at comment we render as racist or inappropriate, without giving any justification.

I hope you will all enjoy your time here :)


Blogger shepherd said...

Salaam Friends !

Majority of Muslims consider the Bible to be corrupted. Myself, being born and raise Catholic, who do study the Bible, I have to say that those people are right.
After years of studying , I have found and have proof of it, that in the last 15 centuries , the Bible has been corrupted in quite crucial passages.
However, if the devil and his people twist the truth, they don’t change more then 10% of it, because if they do , the Bible readers will not believed in their deception. So, in the worst scenario, you have the oldest collection of books (bible = books), which contains at least 90% of original work, and it is still worth to have a look at it.
However, there is a book in the Bible, between the books of poetry and wisdom, that seems to be in a perfect condition (not corrupted). I think it is because this book is neither religious nor historical. Its theme is the most fundamental and foundational of all truths - the sovereignty of God. This is the first concept a human needs to accept - tragically it’s one truth most people never learn.
This book teaches us that God is sovereign. He has absolute authority over all things in heaven and on earth, that the only rule that governs His actions is His prerogative and will. God does whatever He likes, whenever He likes, however He likes, to whomever He likes and for whatever reasons He likes. This book let us know up front WHO’S DA BOOS, and that it AIN’T US.
This book which is considered by many historians, linguists and bible scholars as the oldest book in existence, may be a pride of Arabian people.
Originally written around 3500 years ago in minaean script o Southern Arabia, this book is still considered as a masterpiece of Worlds Literature. Victor Hugo - (1802-85), poet, dramatist, novelist, politician and political writer, senator and national hero of France, who was the most successful writer of Romanticism (“Hunchback of Notherdame”-1831, “Les Miserable”-1862), wrote about this book ; “Tomorrow, if all literature was to be destroyed and it was left to me to retain one work only, I should save Job “. Hugo’s opinion was shared by Alfred Lord Tennynson (1809-92), leading English poet of Victorian age and spokesman for the educated English middle class, who wrote about this book : “ ...the greatest poem, whether of ancient or modern literature”. Daniel Webster (1782-1852), famous orator, US lower and politician, senator and US secretary of state (1841-43,1850-52), wrote ; ”...taken as a mere work of literary genius, this book is one of the most wonderful production of an age or of any language”.
You mey ask, what is this book and who was the author that deserve such a price? Written in poetry, though not Jewish nor Christian, this book is included within the books of poetry and wisdom of the Old Testament, and is called -“ The Book of Job “ or “ Job “. Job is known to the readers of Holly Quran as Nabi Ayoub (PBUH). The story from this book tells us, that Job was an Arabian patriarch who resided in the land of Uz . While living in the midst of great prosperity, he was suddenly overwhelmed by series of sore trials that fell upon him. Amid all his sufferings he maintained his integrity. Once more God visited him with the rich tokens of his goodness and ever greater prosperity than he had enjoyed before. He survived the period of trial for one hundred and forty years, and died in a good old age. Job himself is considered by most scholars as the author of this book. The English title of “Job” is derived from Latin word “Iob”. His original name is - bwya Aiyob; and this orthography is followed by the Chaldee, Syriac and Arabic. His name is now well attested as a West Semitic name in the 2nd millennium BC from Egyptian Extraction Texts, Mari, Alalakh, Amarna Letters and Ugaritic documents.
The most important aspect of this book is that this book over milleniums lost nothing of its value. It is timeless. It was important 2000 years ago, 1400 years ago and is especially important now, when we have confusion of power and human values.
I strongly believe that in today's world of confusion of world order, wars and religious hostility , The Book of Job should be a “ MUST READ “ not only for Jews and Christians , but for all, to remind people who the true Boss is.
I think, it mey be also of great interest for Omani people since this book and its author are part of Oman’s great history.
I wold like to ask the honorable members and readers of Rainbow blog, to express your opinions regarding my thoughts, what I will truly appreciated.

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